Friday, December 14, 2007

So... why not some of my work

Let's start out with my Birthday cake from this year. It's almost as if Tammy knew exactly what I wanted.

Here's a few item's I've turned recently;

Last night I worked on an Ash bat for a friend of ours. She wanted to give it to her boyfriend for Christmas. It actually turned out pretty good and now Tammy wants on.
This is a Aspen vase I made to fit in a stand I had sitting around. It's not finished yet as I'm still trying to decide what kind of finish/finish work I want to do to it.
An Alder basket weave bowl I turned and burned. There's a basket weave patter on the top rim that was burned in.

A nice box elder bowl. Stands about 7" high and 10" across

One of my favorite pieces so far. A Cedar hollow form/vase that I turned, dremeled out the holes and burned with a butane torch

side view

This is one of my Elm vases I turned in the Trent class earlier this year. Finally got it dried and finished.
Some mini turnings I did. The walnut one (right) is about 2" high.

Another Mini. About 1" high, with a burned in pattern
This is from a piece of Old Pithy pine I had sitting around and decided to mess with one day. Sure glad this didn't become firewood.

And my winged aspen bowl. Turned completely on the lathe and the wings are left for artistic value on the piece.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dr. Suess

Tammy went to the Dr. Seuss cake challenge yesterday to watch these AMAZING cakes be created. It was really hard to tell, down to the last minute who was going to win because they were all amazing.

The competitors were given all of the Dr. Seuss books 3 weeks ago and had to decide which book they were going to do. The kicker was, that one of the judges was the VP of marketing for Dr. Seuss incorporated so she knew all the exact details of the books and characters and colors and context.

The Cat in the Hat won and Green Eggs and Ham was 2nd. The comments about Horton Hears a Who, were that it was too busy and too much going on, the story and book are very simplistic, but the finished product was just amazing. The Grinch who stole Christmas just had a few issues with proportion but the details were incredible, the who people with their crazy hair, the dog and the sleigh.

I also learned a lot of Dr. Seuss trivia. Dr. Seuss started writing books in 1957 (this is the 50th anniversary of the Grinch) and at the time for children it was determined that there were 250 words that children needed to know most. He included 237 in his first book, the cat in the hat. But his editor bet him $50 that he couldn’t do a book with just 50 different words. Dr. Seuss won that bet with Green Eggs and Ham! He wrote his last book in 1990 – Oh the Places You’ll Go.