Monday, October 1, 2007

Showing off Daddy's work

This past week Tammy's parents were in town for the week visiting the grandchildren and us. We had a good time with them and got a bunch of things done around the house. Lucy loves gardening and helped by cleaning up the back flower bed, weeding, and planting some new roses and other flowers to help ensure we have blooming flowers through out the summer and fall. We know have 2 beautiful Pink/Red rose bushes in the middle of our flower bed. Dave was able to assist me with redoing the sandbox that our wonderful puppy Pippen decided was a chew toy, as well as assisting with some other honey do's and small projects I had going in the shop. Tammy's father used to be a logger and so I took the opportunity to have him saw up some of the logs I had sitting around into bowl blanks. I think I now have a good supply for the next month or so. :-)

On Friday, Tammy Jo had surgery to remove her Gall Bladder. Ever since Kayti was born she's had problems with Gall stones and finally decided that the pain of them was enough to warrant having it removed. Hopefully this will ease some of her pain.

On Saturday I took some time to turn one of the hollow form's and my daughter decided she wanted to see it and have her picture taken. She's a great helper.

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