Monday, February 25, 2008

Troy's First Train Ride

This past weekend Troy got the opportunity to take his first real train trip. This was a Gift from Grandma and Grandpa Gleckler this year for his birthday. Unfortunately the week before the trip Kayti decided she didn't want Grandma to go on the trip so she graciously shared her flu with her. As a result Grandpa, Troy and Daddy all got to make a trip out of it and had a blast.

We left sat morning and drove down to the train station in Denver to catch the train. Troy was very excited and informed us that the Train would have to pull really really hard to pull the big train.

Sitting in the Train station.. ready and waiting.

Papa and Troy sitting in the Train all ready to go.
Up in the mountains there was a tremendous amount of snow. Some of it has started melting off but even during the trip we saw the snow falling.

Troy was so excited, when we got to Glenwood springs we told him we'd be spending the night in a Castle. Hotel Colorado is a very historic landmark in Colorado registered as an official historical landmark. It's hosted many President's such as Teddy Roosevelt, Criminal's such as Al Capone, and was even taken over by the Navy at one point as a medical facility where they updated the Water and electrical lines during WWII I believe.

While in Glenwood Springs the popular thing to do is take a dip in the Hot Springs Pool This is a pool fed from natural hot springs and has the wonderful Sulfer (rotten egg smell) that you all can imagine I truly Love. Troy enjoyed being in the water but was unable to reach even in the shallow end so he spent most of the time latched on to me. He still enjoyed himself but it will be nice when he's able to be more mobile in the pool.
First things first at the hotel/Castle. Gotta make sure the beds are good and comfy and bouncable.
There was a bridge to cross the highway, train tracks and river which of course Troy wanted to Cross as many times as possible.
Additionally at 4 it's evidentially the really fun to have your picture taken sitting as many places as possible.

After a fun weekend, You gotta thank Papa for the great trip. (In the Lobby of Hotel Colorado)

Ready for the train incoming.
That thing sure is loud

On the way up Troy made a Friend Wyatt. They were the same age and had a blast playing together on the way up and back. It made the 2 - 9 hour trips much more tolerable

And after such a fun trip there's nothing to do but crash and enjoy the last few hours of the trip back.

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