Monday, April 7, 2008

April Loveland Woodturning Meeting

I'll start with some instant gallery and club shots from this months meeting. Below is a shot of a alabaster (I believe) lamp shade a gentleman brought in. He's holding it up the the light to show that translucence of the shade.
Below are some examples of Bruce Perry winged bowls brought in for this months challenge. Some were fortunate enough to end up with a completed piece, others were not. You can see even failures can make a good IG piece if it helps us learn.
A very very amazing segmented hollow form vessel. It's amazing how little wood is there. The lines between the layers are also thin segmented sections as well. Very very well done piece.
A Fellow classmate from the Trent Bosch class in '07 turned these pieces. Dale is showing extreme talent at turning. The Gum piece at the top is one of my favorite styles of turning. I love the burl cap looks
Another Square style turning in the instant gallery this month. You can also seem some nice little box shapes a club member is experimenting with

This month's demonstrator was Frank Amigo. You likely have seen one of Frank's pieces. He has 3 pieces in the 500 bowls book. He's also a part of the AAW and currently serving on the board. He does very amazing work with scallops and flutes on his pieces as can be seen below. He did some showing of how the methods he uses to lay out the design, start the scallop and slowly carve it into shape. Below are some pictures and examples of pieces he brought of past work to show.

This is one of his Shell boxes. The top (smaller portion) screws off to open to a box. Very great piece.

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