Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Recent work

I hadn't had the chance to post any of my work recently, so thought I'd share some recent woodturning pics from my shop.

Below is my first 3 attempts at making scoops. The White one (sorry for the bad pic) is maple and the other two are from walnut I had laying around. Each scoop is about 4-5"'s long and around a Teaspoon to Table spoon size.

Next is a walnut bowl that I'm very proud of. My Friend Chris and his Dad had this wood sitting around and gave to me for some turning wood. It's a very Hefty looking bowl which I think works with the wood. Approx 14" across.
Another shot from the side, sitting on the drying stand

This is some pics of a Honey Locust bowl I had turned. I had turned this bowl green (wet/just cut) then left it to dry. When I went back a few months later to check that it was dry it had developed a bad crack in the side. Not wanting to give up on the piece, I cut it (below) and made a Walnut Band for it. I think it turned out well.
Finished bowl... the walnut band sits proud of the shape, but follows the same lines.
Side view.

This is a piece I started making and while still on the lathe (about 1/3 done) my Father in Law claimed it. The natural Edge and carved feet all worked really well together on this piece. Made from Elm.
Better view of the feet that were carved into the bottom.
Another side view with better color/lighting

Below is another Elm piece where I was trying something new. Instead of a cut band around the bowl, I went for a recessed one and burned in dark. I think my execution on that aspect could have been better, but I liked the overall form. Approx 8" wide , 5" high.
Side view, showing the recess. I'm thinking the band should have followed the same line as the outside edge?!?!
This is a very nice Pueblo shaped Vessel out of elm that I turned. I like the look and feel of it, it has just enough heft to match the look of the vase and it turned out very very smooth. Approx 12" high, 7" across
Top View from opposite side
Side view, for shape.

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