Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A couple of the pieces I mentioned

Below is a couple of the pieces I've turned lately. I've been kinda shocked at how well they turned out. The first piece is a Lacewood piece that I turned and carved. For the first time putting a twist and tail on a turning I thought it turned out well. The piece is about 4 inches long and maybe an inch or two wide.

This is a side shot showing the shape and tail.

Another view showing a better angle of the tail

And then a Front view showing the hollowing and flow of it.

The second pieces is another of the Bruce Perry shapes I like to mess with. I'm doing an online Secret Santa exchange and turned the below piece for my recipient. Hope he enjoys it. This chunk of maple had some great curly grain to it and really turned out nice.

My wife pointed out that this one does look better standing on edge..
A side view for a better look at the vessel and wave profile.

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