Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day weekend - Crystal Lakes

For Father's day weekend we went up to the cabin to see my Parents, play around in the mountains and get in some fishing we'd been promising the kids. The sat we got up there we went down to one of the public lakes to show the kids how to fish. Unfortunately being father's day weekend, and a public lake, it was packed. It seemed like there were people every 10 feet or so. But since this was all about the kids, we weren't actually worried about catching much, just letting the kids try their hand at it.

Amazingly we caught several fish... a couple keepers, mostly let them all go. (Rainbow Trout in case your asking). Kayti and Daddy throwing out the line...

Sitting waiting for those darn fish to do something.

Hey Troy, look what we caught.
Hey wait, these worms are fun to play with too...
As I said, both kids caught fish... Here's Troy pulling in his. With a little help from Daddy.

They both wanted to touch the fish, and then proceeded to scream about it. :-D
Very Proud fisherman here.

Oh yea, the other big event was that Papa and Granma bought Troy a battery powered 4 wheeler. He jumped on this thing like he'd been riding it his whole life and that he planned on staying on it until we told him he had to get off.

The kids also did some rock climbing with Grandma
And Ventured down to a patch of rocks called Elf lane as people have been hiding Ceramic Elf statues all over the rocks. Here's a row of little angels'.

Back to the Fishing Adventure. While we were standing around waiting for the next fish, we all heard a commotion behind us. Turned around and about 20 feet from us was a Huge Cow moose. We all startled, the moose turned and tried to find an opening to swim across the lake.

You should have seen Tammy yelling at us to be careful, then realizing she had the Camera in Hand and should take a picture... Hence the picture of it Running away. :-D

Fortunately it found a spot to swim across and eventually found a spot to get out as well.

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