Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 08 Cake Challenge - Comcast

This is the challenge I went to watch yesterday. It was Mystery Client, Triplets 18th birthday coming up. The competitors only get 5 minutes to interview the triplets to come up with a design so some of them got it spot on, some missed the mark. The only thing the triplets have in common is a love for the movie business, one wants to be an actor, one a director and the only girl wants to be a screenwriter. They usually do a murder mystery dinner for their birthdays but that wasn’t information they shared with all of the teams really.

While the teams were sketching theirs I sketched mine too and I think someone ought to have used mine… J

Here are the finished cakes, Normans won. The white curls are shaved chocolate and the cake had the 3 of them made in little characters on it with their interests beside them.

Bronwen’s cake was a little too bright for the triplets tastes, although it had some very cool aspects, like the circle cakes around it, moved, they all spun around the rest of the cake. The stripes on the bottom cake represented the directors megaphone, film strip, etc.

Jason’s cake had each tier divided equally into 3 parts so that each of the triplets got their very own equal section, but they separated some and didn’t stay together. There wasn’t much representation of their interests on the cake.

This was Cindy’s first cake challenge and she did really well overall, didn’t bite off more than she could complete and played it pretty safe. She could have done more to represent each of the triplets interests, and should have covered her cake board. But she did blown sugar globes which was very cool.

As always, I had a great time, networked with other decorators, and learned a lot. Found out I can call myself a Sugar Artist/Cake Artist/Cake Designer/Cake Decorator without having the Pastry Art or Pastry Chef degree.

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